Edition 3 :

Totem Pole Race is born from the meeting of Remy PAGNARD, tour organizer in the American West since 25 years and Gerard VERDENET, ultramarathon runner since 1990. During two years they have been thinking, preparing and scouting to make their dream come true. Monument Valley promptly became the place where it should be, despite park rules and the intricacies of the Navajo organization. All this to give you the opportunity to run in a unique scenery, away from tourist zones and fill your head with wonderful sights and unforgettable memories. Remy is ready to go on with the 3rd race. The date chosen is the second half of October 2004. The race will be limited to 40 runners, to keep the conviviality of a small group and to preserve the natural sites. We rely on your active and positive participation, essential to make your race a success and help improve the following ones. We will do our best, but surprises are part of such an adventure, your understanding and leniency will be the guarantee of the success of this race.